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About Us



Dr. Róisín Fitzgerald is a practicing Doctor registered with the Irish Medical Council. She graduated with Honours from University College Dublin Medical School in 2005 and has trained in Surgery, General Practice and Aesthetic Procedures since then. She has been trained in medical aesthetics in the UK and, to ensure she can pass onto clients the most up to date and safe procedures, she attends ongoing training, updates and conferences including the Royal Society of Medicine and Harley Street Aesthetic Clinics in London. She holds specialist insurance from Hamilton-Fraser Cosmetic Insurance.


Free consultation

Dr. Fitzgerald offers a free consultation to discuss any treatment you may have in mind. We are all unique and will therefore have different treatment needs. A medical history will be taken to ensure you are suitable for your treatment, and as Dr. Fitzgerald also works as a General Practitioner, she has indepth understanding of conditions or medications that may alter your treatment plan and can advise you accordingly. If you have never had any aesthetic procedures in the past you will likely have lots of questions and will be given as much time as you need time to discuss these. No procedure is without risk and although complications are rare, it is important these are discussed at the time of your consultation so that you can make a fully informed decision about your planned individualised and bespoke treatment. You will also be advised to take as much time as you need to decide if a treatment is for you, be it days, months or even years!


Unique to Ballsbridge Medical Aesthetic Clinic

The clinical skills, experience and expertise to perform aesthetic procedures to ensure that you have an excellent outcome are all possessed by Dr. Fitzgerald. It is important for your practitioner to also have an artistic eye to ensure an enhanced but natural appearance, always remembering the ‘less is more’ approach. The frozen look is outdated. Reducing some of your deep lines, while still being able to maintain some expression is a much more attractive look. It is also important to feel comfortable with your practitioner. In the private setting of Ballsbridge Medical Aesthetic Clinic even the most nervous client will feel relaxed, and you will never feel under pressure to book a procedure after your free consultation. Planned appointment times in a private clinic mean that you will not be sitting in a waiting room with lots of other people. Dr. Fitzgerald feels very strongly about follow up after procedures. As she has clinics every week, all clients have the option to attend for a complimentary follow up visit 2-4 weeks later (depending on your treatment) to ensure your complete satisfaction, and to arrange top-ups where needed.


Premium Products Used

For anti-wrinkle treatments only gold standard true ‘Botox’ supplied directly by Allergan Pharmaceuticals is used here at Ballsbridge Medical Aesthetic Clinic. This is an not an inexpensive product but is the best and most studied as it has been used extensively since the 1980’s. Also Dr. Fitzgerald uses the Juvederm Ultra and Vycross ranges of dermal fillers (also supplied by Allergan) that are also a premium effective and smooth product. Beware of ‘cheap deals’ that may mean you may be receiving inferior quality products, not enough of the product, or being treated by an inadequately qualified or trained registered practitioner without the correct follow up.  You can also be advised on general skin health. Products from the Obagi Medical skincare range are available via the clinic, as well as superficial prescribed facial peels.